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construis dans le changelog de chaque pãriph, dans la version ou les versions que vous souhaitez. au besoin, j'ai fait un peu de promotion pour les changelog que je modifie moi-mãême; cela fait que les changelogs changent plus vite qu'ils n'avaient jamais changer, comme vous le verrez par la suite.


if you don't have a latitude & longitude file, you can enter latitudes and longitudes directly and calculate the altitude on your own. however, the default altitude in google earth and google maps is created using the equatorial plane of the earth.

a full list of supported geographic file formats can be found here . kmz files are often in a very large file size. the google earth application allows you to load files in sizes that range from a few kb to a few mb per file.

note: the kmz format is suited to map data that will be viewed from google earth. kmz maps will not be visible in other google earth applications or other google services unless it is merged with another kml file.

many google earth users are unaware that files can be uploaded as kmz files. in turn, this offers a simple method to upload large files without having to manually break them up into smaller files or load them one by one. this makes it so much easier to send large files to others.

when you enter information for kmz files in google earth, there is always a warning message that you are converting an unsupported file type. in fact, there is nothing to convert in the first place since google earth supports the kmz file format.

you can export kmz files in several different ways for the purpose of sharing on the web. the tools allow you to choose from several sizes and sizes that have been cut up into smaller pieces. kmz's sizes can range from a few bytes to several mb. some tools, like google maps, offer a button to convert your kmz to png files. however, this is generally not a good idea since a png file is almost 20 times larger than a kmz file.

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