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Bowser Vs King Dede (Mario Vs Kirby) Movie [HOT] Free Download In Italian

After Masked Dedede is defeated twice, Taranza realizes Kirby was the true hero and summons Queen Sectonia, who disposes of him for his failure before confronting Kirby. King Dedede is unconscious the whole fight (after the ruby platform is destroyed, Kirby's fall is cushioned by Dedede). He wakes up with his free will returned after Kirby defeats Queen Sectonia. However, the malevolent monarch recovers and, after monologuing to Kirby and a terrified Dedede about her beauty and power, fuses with the Dreamstalk. The vines cover Planet Popstar as King Dedede and Kirby panic before several of the People of the Sky (whom Kirby previously rescued) arrive with a cannon. Dedede helps Kirby by firing him into the Dreamstalk's overgrowth. Weakening it by destroying the hostile flower buds, Dedede blasts Kirby through the opening so he can confront Sectonia for the second time before it closes. After defeating her, Kirby is grabbed by a vine while his guard is down. Before Kirby can be finished off, Taranza and King Dedede answer his cry for help. King Dedede beckons his former kidnapper to throw him to Kirby, smacking him free with his hammer and momentarily stunning Queen Sectonia. Seeing Taranza holding a Miracle Fruit, King Dedede tosses him Kirby, who is then revitalized and becomes Hypernova Kirby. Kirby then defeats Queen Sectonia for the final time, causing her vines to disintegrate. The king and the pink puff fall from the sky, but Taranza catches King Dedede while the People of the Sky catch Kirby, and they all admire the bloomed flowers on the cleansed Dreamstalk as petals rain down.

Bowser vs King Dede (Mario vs Kirby) movie free download in italian

After being pulled into the New World by the same vortex that brought Kirby there, the king made a futile effort to find Kirby and became discouraged that he could not find his rival; before long, however, he fell victim to Fecto Forgo's psychic influence and joined the Beast Pack. Kirby and Elfilin first encounter King Dedede in a ruined chapel at Winter Horns, where his presence visibly horrifies Kirby. There, Kirby does battle with the king, who retains the boss title of His Royal Nemesis, as well as serve as the fourth boss of the game. King Dedede initially uses his standard methods of combat, such as jumping (producing shock waves), using his hammer (swung vertically or horizontally befitting the game's 3D nature), and attempting to tackle Kirby. However, upon losing his hammer (which Kirby can steal with his vacuum breath for the Hammer ability), the king will take hold of a nearby pillar and begin using it to perform a variety of long-range, hard-hitting attacks. Upon 'defeat', Dedede pretends to faint, but then gets back up after Kirby frees the three Waddle Dees that he was guarding in a golden cage, preparing a sneak attack. When the player attempts to move onward, Dedede suddenly locks Elfilin in a cage and - before Kirby can rescue Elfilin - flies off to the forbidden island with a flock of crows, forcing Kirby to follow him in hot pursuit.

In Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, King Dedede serves as a primary antagonist, second only to Nightmare in the movie. His role is similar to his game roles, except that his likable side is diminished and he appears much more mean, petty, and selfish. If he is convinced that he has been either wronged, tricked, or insulted by someone, or does not immediately get what he wants (especially when someone else has itKirby's Pet Peeve Snack Attack Part 1), he commonly reacts with both fury and spite against his (real or perceived) enemies. In addition, he has very little respect for anyone in town or his staff, treating their safety and desires as secondhand in his goals for whatever greedy thing he wishes. He consistently ignores or shrugs off any negative comments from the citizens of Cappy Town, believing them to be below him, and sometimes takes his anger out on them and Escargoon. Despite this, the citizens of Cappy Town still consider him their king; few Cappies stay mad at him for long, as all he has to do is say something appealing to win back their favor.

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